12 06, 2020

Koura – beautiful woven Trubridge pendant lights


David Trubridge designs not only create an ambient, rich atmosphere, evoking intimacy and warmth within a space but are also constructed with sustainably sourced bamboo and avoid chemical finishes. Koura is the Maori name for the small fresh water shrimps that live in NZ rivers. They curl up in this shape. This shape is mirrored again in the similar woven [...]

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17 03, 2020

New – French Country Nightwear


French Country Nightwear offers beautiful, Victorian style, pure cotton nighties with traditional details such as smocking, fine embroidery and pintuck pleats. Carefully crafted,  100% cotton nighties, pyjamas, brunch coats and robes are the ultimate in comfort for lounging around the home and sleeping whilst looking stylish. French Country Sleepwear is a perfect gift for every woman.

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17 03, 2020

Robert Gordon pottery – now in stock


Robert Gordon Pottery is a family of third generation potters in Melbourne, Australia, that crafts pottery that matters for people who care. When you buy a Robert Gordon plate, you’re buying into a family steeped in passion with unrivaled knowledge. A heritage of attention to detail and design with a willingness to consult the past only to recreate pottery in [...]

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28 02, 2020

Now in stock – Maison Laguiole knives


The Laguiole knife  - the classic French style dining knife - was first designed in 1829 by Jean-Pierre Calmels. Calmel's concept of the knife became the pattern for the style, featuring a forged "bee" symbol the distinctive trademark. In 1880, some models of the laguiole knife also began featuring a corkscrew - a response to demands from waiters in northern [...]

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30 06, 2019

Introducing David Trubridge’s – ‘Baskets of Light’


Many of you will know of David Trubridge's large light fixtures ‘The Three Baskets of Knowledge’ -  these have now  been discontinued due to plastic content. Plastic is a material David is minimizing across his entire operation. However, rather than completely abandoning the design he has chosen to explore options to make it from sustainable materials. The one that worked [...]

Introducing David Trubridge’s – ‘Baskets of Light’2019-06-30T15:04:13+10:00
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