Limited edition prints- Darryl Trott

Finders Keepers are proud to offer, for sale on consignment,a private collection of prints by Darryl Trott.

Artist Profile – Darryl Trott

The world has lost a wonderful person and it’s greatest watercolour artist following Darryl’s untimely death on the 9th June 2004 following a heart attack.

Despite this tragic loss we are fortunate to have the legacy of his magnificent art with us forever.

Beautiful, large petals flow dramatically and abundantly from Darryl’s works of art, so enticing, they make you feel as though you can pick them directly off the surface of the paper. He has painted from live blooms and gardens across five continents, including hibiscus in Tahiti, roses in England and magnolias in Louisiana.

Not as confined as many artists are by language and location, Darryl Trott achieved international recognition adding freshness and style to his already worldwide subject thousands of beautiful flowers.

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