David Trubridge designs not only create an ambient, rich atmosphere, evoking intimacy and warmth within a space but are also constructed with sustainably sourced bamboo and avoid chemical finishes.

Koura is the Maori name for the small fresh water shrimps that live in NZ rivers. They curl up in this shape. This shape is mirrored again in the similar woven traps used for catching them.

The Koura pendant is made from sustainably sourced natural bamboo plywood. The caramel bamboo starts out as natural and is carbonised using steam to caramelise the natural sugars which darken the bamboo. This process creates a different look without the use of chemicals. For the colour selections, an acrylic low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint is used.

The Koura comes in six sizes with bamboo plywood as the main material which can be all Natural or Caramel or painted on one side thus creating a selection of different options, plus double-sided Black or White.