Antique butterfly collection.

Words from the artist:

My passion is sourcing domes, lanterns and cabinets, which I use to create butterfly, moth and beetle works of art. I use only antique or sustainably sourced specimens, and each piece is totally unique.

Ethics and sustainability

I take seriously my responsibilities in procuring specimens that are from truly sustainable, non-endangered sources. My work is very much a mix of older insects from antique collections (I painstakingly take apart and remount specimens from pieces that are anywhere from 40 to 150 years old) and those from modern collections. These are insects that are derived from breeding programmes in countries such as Costa Rica, Madagascar and Indonesia, many of which are funded by government bodies in association with local conservation groups. These programmes are an ideal way of researching and safeguarding indigenous species of insects, as well as providing a source of income for the local economy. It is widely acknowledged that loss of habitat causes the decline of insect populations, not collecting. The life-span of many moths and butterflies is just a few days, and so in reality most specimens have died of natural causes before they are prepared. I feel that my displays celebrate the beauty of these incredible creatures, and will be a source of wonder for many generations to come.

Cost for this truely unique piece of “art” is $1200.